Our Goal:

Truffière (Truffle Plantation)

A truffle plantation is traditionally known in France as a Truffière (trooff-i-yeah, rather than, truffle-i-er), or you can simply call it a "Truffle Plantation". Our truffière started in 2018, with 665 French Oak trees planted two years later. The trees are infused with either the Summer Black Truffle 'Tuber Aestivum' or Winter Black Truffle 'Tuber Melanosporum'. This majestic two hectare of land will give our customers the ultimate truffle hunt experience.

Our Consultants have completed our soil test and found that our slopes receives ample sunlight, with good water run off. Our soil was tested at a PH of around 6 and the truffles need a soil PH of around 8, so 200 tonne of lime was added to bring our two hectare of land, up to the PH of 8.

So finally,

The two hectare or 665 French Oak trees planted in 2020 will give us our first truffle harvest in June 2024, at the four year mark. It is not uncommon to start getting 30% your harvest after four years, and therefore we predict our full 100% harvest achieved by 2030.






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Bed and Breakfast

Double Oaks Estate Bed and Breakfast is located within the township of Lancefield (Macedon Ranges Shire). With over 65 acres of vines, hillside, bushland and picturesque gardens, you can escape from the city life in under 60 minutes. Visit this renowned winery region to relax, indulge and recharge... No matter what the season.

Bed and Breakfast
Horse Agistment

Double Oaks Estate has private paddocks available for horse agistment... With plenty of natural shelter. Situated 40 minutes from the airport or 60 mins from the city. We are located in Lancefield Victoria... which offers a beautiful forest on the boundaries, making it a peaceful retreat and a fun place to trail ride.

Horse Agistment
Horse Agistment

Double Oaks Estate is a boutique cool-climate winery and truffle plantation located in the Macedon Ranges. Double Oaks Estate is situated in the scenic town of Lancefield, just 1 hour from Melbourne. Family owned and operated, our passion is to provide structured, fruit-driven and aromatic wines that reflect our cool climate and altitude. Our commitment to hand-pruning of vines, and hand-picking of grapes at harvest is underscored to our passion for viticulture and winemaking.

Horse Agistment





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